You can rely on KH Energy to provide SK Energy’s world-class quality products.

  • Premium Gasoline

    Premium gasoline fuels passenger cars equipped with a gasoline engine. Compared to regular gasoline, engine protection and acceleration are drastically enhanced.

  • Gasoline

    Gasoline fuels passenger cars and SUVs (RVs) equipped with a gasoline engine. With the addition of world-class additives, the engine is kept clean and drivers are able to enjoy a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

  • Diesel

    Diesel fuels passenger cars and SUVs (RVs) equipped with a diesel engine as well as industrial/household boilers. Through complete combustion, users will experience reduced noise, better fuel economy and enhanced power.

  • Kerosene

    Kerosene fuels boilers for households, industries and buildings. No foreign substances are created and excellent combustion is available through a highly advanced refining process.

  • Heavy Oil

    It fuels internal-combustion engines used in such industries as ceramics and metal refining and ships in addition to large boilers. Light fuel oil, heavy oil and heavy fuel oil are collectively called heavy crude oil or fuel oil. It is characterized by lower prices and stronger heat generation than other products.

  • LPG

    It is the acronym of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and divided into butane gas and propane gas. Butane gas mostly fuels cars and portable gas ranges, and propane gas is clean fuel used in various places ranging from households, apartment households and restaurants to industries.

  • Lubricant

    It is oil-phase material used in reducing friction generated from friction surface of a machine or dispersing friction heat produced from friction surface, and it is mostly coal mineral oil. It is used in various sectors ranging from automobiles, ships, agricultural machines and industries to construction equipment.


    It is used as a catalyst that resolves nitrogen oxides generated from diesel cars. EURO 6 regulation is a global emission standard of diesel cars introduced by the EU, and this standard has been applied to domestic new diesel cars since 2015, and aqueous urea solution is used to meet the standard.